Women Who Love Men Who Kill answered the question: Why do women become romantically involved with convicted murderers who are serving life sentences or are sentenced to death? But when I published it, I didn’t realize that it was part of a much bigger story, indeed a huge story: Why are women so intensely – often fatally – obsessed with outlaws and crime?

My new book, Mad, Bad, and Dangerous: Women’s Fascination with Crime and Outlaws, will answer this larger question: Why are women the main consumers of true crime stories? Why are they fixated on crime? Why are they attracted, in so many different ways, to outlaws? 

The book will be supported by research into historical background as well as the sociology of women, psychological causes of this obsession, plus interviews with the women themselves, as well as experts (sociologists, psychiatrists, psychologists, criminologists). It will also explore the role in creating this Mad, Bad, and Dangerous phenomenon played by our celebrity culture, traditional media, new media, and the internet. 

Look for Mad, Bad, and Dangerous soon!