Media appearances/interviews (a partial list):

 The Daily Beast - “Sexual attraction of a killer”

Salon - “Van der Sloot”

Publisher’s Weekly Interview - “Recalling a Hero”

The Guardian - “Why are women drawn to men behind bars?”

The Telegraph of London - “Women who date Death Row prisoners”

Good Morning America - (have video)

CBS - “Love Behind Bars: Women who date or marry men in prison” (have video)

WNYC - Leonard Lopate Show

WAMC - The Roundtable with Joe Donahue

NPR Weekend Edition with Scott Simon

The Today Show

CNN 360 with Anderson Cooper

The Times of London

The Wall Street Journal

Talk Radio Europe - La Colonia, Centro, Malaga, Spain

“Q,” national arts/entertainment program,CBC Television Network

Newstalk Radio - Ireland, 106/018FM

CNN, The Joy Behar Show

Times of India, “Till death do us part”

Fabulous Magazine, UK

Portugal - Sabado Newsmagazine

Times Publications - Scottsdale Arizona

The Times Leader - Wilkes-Barre PA

Dissertation: “Looking at women’s attachment styles” by Rachel Foster

La Liberte - Switzerland - “The Woman Who Kidnapped Jaycee Dugard”

PM - German science magazine