Praise for Sheila’s books 

 For Women Who Love Men Who Kill:

“… ground-breaking”

“… fascinating”

“… a national phenomenon”

“ a perceptive analysis … still fresh … In-depth interviews, sharp analysis, and incredible true crime stories make this a classic.”

“ a fascinating look at women ‘compelled to dance with the masters of death,’ women so obsessed with convicted murderers that they marry them, giving up all else in their lives, including their children, to fulfill their deepest fantasies.”


For Muriel’s War :

 “a beautifully written and thoroughly researched book, … provocative, insightful, and generous” 

“a fascinating story”

“story of courage and heroism”

“startling life of heiress finally told”

“an exquisite and heartbreaking book”


For A Hero of Our Own:

“One of the BEST BOOKS of 2001. This little book is a life of a saint equal to any medieval tome.” – St. Louis Post-Dispatch 

“[W]ith its stories of desperate exiles, menacing Nazis, forged documents and midnight escapes through the mountains, it reads at times like the script for some old Hollywood movie. Think Warner Brothers in the 1940's. Think 'Casablanca'’ (even down to the transit visas for Portugal). All that's missing is Peter Lorre.” —New York Times

“Varian Fry was the American Schindler”

“a masterful biography”


“painstakingly documented”

“compelling and dramatic story”

  • *Featured book, Yad Vashem, The World Holocaust Remembrance Center, Jerusalem. 

  • *Featured book, the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, Washington D.C.


For My Life as a Radical Lawyer:

“a readable narrative of a very busy life”


“[Bill Kunstler’s] career is a metaphor for the polarization of racial politics in the United States over the last 30 years.”

“a must read.”

“should be required reading”

“totally inspiring”


For The Life and Times of Ron Brown:

“… offers inspiration for all.”

“… a blend of personal reminiscence and journalistic detail”

“… a labor of love.” 

“… a moving account”