Women Who Love Men Who Kill 


"Shocking ... compelling ... like the best prison lit!"

Village Voice

"Author Sheila Isenberg provides a fascinating look at women 'compelled to dance with the masters of death,' women so obsessed with convicted murders that they marry them, often giving up everything else in their lives, including their children, to fulfill their deepest fantasies. Isenberg interviewed dozens of these women, some of their men, as well as corrections professionals, psychiatrists, and psychologists. The profile that emerges is of 'little girls lost,' women who were damaged by painful childhoods who are living in a fantasy world, in love not with a real man but with an illusion based on denial. Isenberg's skills in getting those women to reveal themselves, her ability to present them as sympathetic and understandable, and her synthesis of the material they provided make for a engrossing report." —Kirkus Review

“Pathology meets pathology. Investigative journalist Isenberg's book is compelling.” —Amazon review