Media Appearances

a partial list

NPR Weekend Edition with Scott Simon

The Today Show

CNN 360 with Anderson Cooper

The Times of London Review of Books

Radio FM4, Public Radio - Vienna, Austria

LADBible - Manchester UK

ABC/KSRO Morning News - Santa Rosa, CA

Current Affairs - Love/Sport/Radio UK

FM104, Dublin

Prominent! Infonetwork - Mediengruppe RTL Deutschland.

Bradley Jay Show - Medford, MA, iheart radio

HuffPost – “Hot Felon”

BBC News Mundo - UK

Washington Post –

SkyTv Italy - Milan

NBC News Digital

Daily Mail, UK -

Cosmopolitan -

HuffPost - Relationships -

BBC Newsnight - There’s a link here (skip to 1 hr 39 minutes in) - In case it doesn’t allow you to play this outside of the UK, I’ve attached an MP3 file, clipped from the show. -

The Daily Beast “Sexual attraction of a killer”

Salon “Van der Sloot”

Publisher’s Weekly “Recalling a Hero”

The Guardian “Why are women drawn to men behind bars?”

The Telegraph of London “Women who date Death Row prisoners”

Good Morning America CBS “Love Behind Bars: Women who

date or marry men in prison”

WNYC, Leonard Lopate Show

WAMC, The Roundtable with Joe Donahue

NPR Day to Day